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And Sklar says that she is confident that research is heading in the right direction and that more people are taking note.

“This is where the research is going and where it needs to go,” she says.

“It’s not about having an attention deficit, it’s more a maldistribution of attention.

It’s not about not being able to concentrate; it’s about being able to concentrate in different forms and different intensity.” Put another way, there is a spectrum along which attention gets channeled for human beings; those diagnosed with don’t have less attention than normal — it’s more accurate to say that their attention can be splintered or hyperfocused, or it can swing between the two.

“It’s a new thing for me to think about it as a strength,” she admits.

Psychologists might call this is a “maldistribution” of attention — that is, people who have it often oscillate between splintered and hyperfocused attention.The latter is what Brandon Ashinoff, a psychologist at the University of Birmingham who studies hyperfocus, has called an “interesting paradox” — it’s too attention necessary for the task at hand.(And recent research from Brazil and King’s College London, by the way, has suggested that despite its reputation as a childhood problem, it’s more common than you might think for the condition to show up for the first time in adulthood, even among people who never showed signs of it in childhood.) Generally speaking, research.Hyperfocus is not a common topic of conversation among researchers, including Caye and his counterparts at King’s College London, but it is among those with .“Sometimes on days that are the craziest — different news stories breaking, too many meetings, family drama — I’m able to focus more intensely than I could on a normal day.

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One metaphor that captivated Sklar’s attention paints an interesting picture — first put forth by author Thom Hartmann, the theory suggests that those with are the “farmers.” One group is more nomadic and needs to constantly scan the environment, with attention darting here and there for prey; the other group possesses the patience, calm, and nurturing ability to tend to repeated farming tasks with long-term consistency.

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