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Happn's data team has identified the "hottest universities" across the UK by looking at the postcodes associated with UK university campuses where the most matches (called "crushes" on the app) were made.While many London universities feature on the list, northern universities were also among the most popular.Between all the restaurants, art exhibits, and concerts in this great city of ours, it’s always nice to have someone to go to them with.You may have established the best relationship during undergrad but when you finish your four years, you have to figure out what to do.Maybe you had midterms and you haven't slept in the past two days.

Sessions are held twice a week and last approximately 1.5 hours each.Finding your perfect match can happen anywhere, anytime — and university is a great place to meet a potential partner.However, according to dating app Happn, students at some universities are more sought after than others."I think it is interesting to see which schools show more confidence when dating."Loyola University student Emily Morgenstern agreed with her university's top spot regarding pickiest women."As a woman who goes to Loyola, I do agree that Loyola women tend to be pickier when it comes to men because a majority of the women are focused on their schooling, future career and friends."Morgenstern and fellow student Blake Keller agreed that the student body is less chatty and less assertive.Morgenstern said it's because the school is small and students don't feel the pressure to constantly try to meet new people.

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