Enfp dating an entp dating after seperation

To the profoundly romantic INFP type, romantic love is a merging of souls and spirits, rather than a simple alignment of lifestyles.And when they find someone they can merge with in this way, they find themselves in a relationship that allows them to truly flourish.

Each personality type looks for something a little different out of a serious relationship.These ceaselessly analytical individuals thrive in partnerships where their perceptions are constantly being challenged and their worldviews are consistently being rearranged.To an INFJ, a satisfying relationship is one that offers practical stability but mental exploration and adventure.This type is ceaselessly focused on self-development and they thrive in relationships that are constantly developing, too. INTPs are used to being misunderstood—and to unintentionally misunderstanding others.These patient and thoughtful types are best suited with partners who want to take the time to understand the INTP deeply and who value being deeply understood by their partners in return.

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This intellectually explorative type doesn’t need to be constantly physically adventuring, but they need to be constantly exploring new philosophies, concepts, and methods of self and relationship improvement.

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