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Please see the Research Studies forum description for further information.This is a place for CLEAN humor to entertain survivors and supporters in this healing place. It does not have to be hilariously funny, rather it is what each contributor finds entertaining.Current plans for the GUI redesign call for true user-selectable skins, which will allow for complete changes in the GUI design rather than simply changing the color schemes, as well as a WYSIWYG editor.On November 23, 2008, it was decided from the poll that the next major version will include blogs, and the version afterward will include a GUI redesign.However, in June 2011, UBB.threads was sold to UBB Systems. The largest new feature in this version is the addition of an image gallery feature. Updated profile pages with basic social networking support. Additional detection triggers for parsing spammers and checking them against Stop Forum Spam.While Groupee initially proposed a new forum software package designed to replace UBB.classic and UBB.threads, they wound up using several portions of the core of UBB.threads. Other significant new features included teaser forums and a spoiler BBCode tag, as well as some code cleanup. Version 7.3 introduces: Improved spider-friendly URLs, with the option to add a fake extension at the end of each page. Additional blogging features where users can now comment on their own profile pages or delete items from it. Updated all pages to validate as error free HTML5 pages with CSS3.

Any "upgrades" to v7 are done as an import as if it were from any other 3rd party product. While alpha builds exist, the only people who had access to them where those who were on the v8 Testing Team, which was covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The first v8 changelog was posted on May 26th, 2009 in the private Beta Testing forum at UBB. The final changelog entry was posted on Apr 15th 2011.Persons may post here whether they were victimized as a child, teen or adult.UBB.threads (formerly WWWThreads) is an Internet forum software package originally written by Rick Baker.In addition to the importer for previous versions of UBB.threads, importers for UBB.classic v6.x, php BB v2.x and v3.x, Simple Machines Forums 1.1, v Bulletin 3.8.x, Fusion BB3, Ya BB 2, Wow BB, and WWWBoard 2.x are also available. Primary new features included some features that were trimmed out from the transition from the UBB.classic and UBB.threads 6.x series to UBB.threads version 7.0. Some code and feature ideas which where to appear in the v8 release have appeared in various releases of the v7.5 series.Most of the remaining user and administrator ideas from v8 have been included in the v7.6 series.

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From time to time Male Survivor will post links to research studies that have received unconditional approval from an Institutional Review Board for proper protection of human subjects.

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