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Somebody always wants something and sex just adds to the list! We did have a fairly active sex life before and after no.2 but has been on and off depending how I'm feeling, generally I'm not bothered.It's really got to my husband as he's been patient so far, but over 2 years on and he's now saying that he feels that I must find him unattractive as I'm never up for it... but i can't seem to muster any 'oomph':dunno[1]: for our love life at all.. https:// having a similar problem however it's my boyfriend who's not interested!where i used to be before the kids and even between no. We have a great relationship and love each other to bits, it's still fresh and exciting but my boyfriend has totally lost his sex drive, we are lucky if we manage once a week now!

At a loss as to what I can do hey guys, in all total honesty i could tear up with the knowledge that im not the only one, although i havent got my child yet(in 4 and a half months pregnant) i have completely lost my sex drive, totally, and im finding it really really difficult as my partner has an extremely high one and feels really insulted by my 'un-interest' in him.Its ruining our relationship even though we are so so in love and perfectly happy in every other way, and of course over the moon about our baby we are just both finding it so hard to cope :/ Im just so pleased that its not just me and this is perhaps a phase?thank you so much x Well, I am so glad I read this thread, before I had my LO (almost 18 months old now) I had a fairly active sex drive & my partner was the one lacking, now I couldn't care less if I never bothered again, I made the effort to initiate sex last week as I felt it was my marital duty but couldn't relax to enjoy it & therefore he was alright (if you get my drift).Our site is only open to Widows and Widowers living in the UK, so join free today.We are the largest Widow dating sites in the UK, all our members are widows or widowers all looking to meet someone special again.

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